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john kerry announced he will go to kiev on tuesday to meet with the ukrainian government. earlier, kerry condemned russia's invasion. >> russia chose this brazen act of aggression and moved in with its forces on a completely trumped upset of pretext, claiming that people were threatened and the fact is that that's not the act of somebody who is strong. >> in moscow a protest supported the invasion, the prime minister tweeted that russia is interested in maintaining stable and friendly relations with ukraine, but reserves the right to protect their citizens and military personnel stationed in cremia. >> >> fire guts a bay area home. at 5:30, why they say the cause may be different this timend around. >> >> governor brown clarifying his stance on pot. why he said legalizing the drug may not be the best thing after all. >> >> we'll show you the conditions that made for a perfect time to hit the slopes. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek. hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-ve
nobody believes in america's strength anymore. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry traveled to ukraine tuesday meet with members of the government and to show support for the ukrainian people. fox news. >>> the markets had their worst day in a month. the dow is down 153 to 16,168. the nasdaq is down 30 at 4,277. the s&p is down 13 to 1,845. the crisis in ukraine is also effecting oil prices. even without a shot fired crude oil prices are rising. >> now the markets are already reacting and we are seeing oil prices go up, that translates to 5 cents a gallon at the pumps. >> magnesium pressure on pump prices, any war would be host tool your 400 -- hostile to your 401(k). . >>> he says he spotted a prowler in his backyard. >> i wasn't scared. >> how that led to a mile long chase on foot and the way it all ended. >> a woman hit and killed in the crosswalk. the reason neighbors say this intersection is so unsafe they avoid it. >> the 49ers sadeium will be ready for the super bowl -- stadium will be ready for the super bowl, but how about restaurants? we will tell you what official
integrity and sovereignty of ukraine. we condemned their intervention in krimea. >> john kerry spent the day in ukraine visiting a memorial to people killed during the violent protests there and met with the country's active leadership. the united states and 14 other nations formed a military observer mission to monitor the tense region. california lawmaker weighed in saying that the u.s. needs to avoid conflict. >> russia is critical to other conflicts that we're trying to resolve, including syria and iran. so we have to be very careful in how we approach this. >> stocks rebounded on the news that russian troops had returned to their base rather than remaining near the border of ukraine. the dow sup more than 200 points. the nasdaq up almost 75 points. >>> tracking more wet weather headed our way. the timing on the next system and when your area should see the bulk of the rain. >> bay area school where half of the kindergarten class is not vaccinated. the new interactive tool parents can use to learn of the outbreak risk at their child's school. >>> a man found burned to death. what we're l
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3